Program changes, cancellations and postponements due to weather, park or field conditions will be posted on this page, the Parks and Recreation Facebook page, and will be announced on KIOW 107.3FM.  Program participants and parents are urged to check these sources before calling the Parks and Recreation number.  

Forest City Aquatic Center -* For inclement weather, mechanical breakdown, low participation, schedule changes, water temperatures below 70 degrees, and home swim meets – signs will be posted on the Aquatic Center door, a notice will be posted on the Parks and Recreation Facebook page  and on this page, and announcements will be made on KIOW 107.3FM.

Program cancellations and updates: 

* 6 th & 7th softball game will be held at the old Waldorf Softball diamond tonight!
* 3 rd grade baseball will be at Aquatic Center field – please park at aquatic center and walk over do not try to drive down there it’s way too wet!
* 6 th & 7 th baseball game with Central Springs is cancelled for tonight!
* 6th & 7th baseball game in Northwood is also cancelled